When harvesting many agricultural products in African countries, carrying large loads on the head or on the back is almost standard. Considering the often very hot climatic conditions, one can imagine what an immense daily physical strain this means for the workers. Affordable automation with simple and effective means as we plan here is ethically certainly not unproblematic due to high unemployment. Perspectively, however, we consider the approach to be justifiable and even worthwhile. 

The business model plans the temporary operation (on loan) of an incredibly simple equipment (tailorable to the given topology) for the mechanical transport of crop (initially) in large plantations in African countries. 

We would like to start in 2022 with the design and construction of a small test equipment, and target first field trials in an African country in 2023.

Another planned product in the field of agriculture is dedicated to the effectivity increase of peasants. Using affordable simple sensors and a smartphone with a corresponding app, all work processes along the entire cultivation cycle should be recorded in a differentiated manner. The app automatically analyzes the data’s of all participating peasants in the respective area. With the offer of a local data-based consulting, the use of simple mechanical equipment (on loan) to increase crop yield can be planned. Our app is intended to integrate some of the sales optimization and agricultural consulting apps already used in many countries.

The implementation of the app and sensors should start in 2021, if possible in close cooperation with a German university specialized in agricultural engineering. In the optimal case the first pilot field trials in an African country should be started before the end of 2021. The market launch is planned for 2022.