From a macro to a micro perspective - Services as a pillar of an African business model

Even in African countries without street directories (these are the most among the continent), eCommerce is experiencing very dynamic growth rates. However, the delivery of many packages remains a nightmare, beginning with the sorting in the logistics centers. And this is exactly the problem our app is expected to solve. Namely, with a smart labeling and sorting system for all types of shipments. Using a simple technical equipment, in just three steps from receipt of the parcels into the logistics center to the detailed itinerary planning within the delivery district of each parcel carrier, each parcel easily finds the way to the front door of the customer. The concept is ready, we would like to start with the implementation

Taxi rides in African countries are mostly collecting trips. The compilation of the passengers and the itinerary depends on intuition and experience of the respective taxi driver. Prices are negotiable and passengers wave taxis from the roadside.

Imagine, the selection of the passengers on the roadside and the calculation of the optimal itinerary is now done by an app, without the passenger and driver exchanging a single word. The fare is calculated automatically and the payment is made electronically. Yes, we have designed just such an app and would love to see it become reality. You as well?

A quantification is quite difficult, especially for a continent of heterogeneous countries like Africa, but the share of small kiosks around the corner in the supply of daily necessities is undoubtedly very high. Almost every child raising in Africa already had to go out into the dark with a lot of indignation to buy just a few bottles of lemonade or beer, a bar of soap, a small sponge, etc.

This too could be delegated to the smartphone today without too much effort and without damaging the business of the kiosks. This is just eCommerce for micro instant retail as already practiced in some Asian countries. Only requirements for Africa would be a biunique localization of buyers and sellers and a corresponding app. Localization will be provided by our home controller. For the app have a concept and would love to bring both in 2021 into market.