Multiple daily power failures are a sad daily routine for more than 2 billion people worldwide. Especially at night, this is bitter. Those who can afford it buy a diesel generator. The neighbors likely enjoy the noise and stench. As a environmentally far more friendly and promising alternative, we have developed a simple system consisting of an affordable commercial car battery and a quite smart electronic box that is clamped just behind the house connection. With the box, the typical effects of power outages such as darkness, kerosene lamps, black TV and black computer screens are getting a thing of the past.

With our home controller with an integrated electronic door plate, which will also be available as prototype soon, a wide range of security applications will be possible and in addition, every house can be assigned a biunique electronic address despite the lack of a street directory in most of African countries. This address can be sent to third parties such as eCommerce providers, logistics companies or simply relatives and friends via smartphone and then conveniently allows them to electronically navigate to the front door. Are the house residents not at home, no problem. Our smart package box, which will soon be available as prototype, will safely receive parcels in standard sizes and acknowledge the process electronically. The usual phone calls and alignments with the courier are not any more necessary.

Not a dream, but soon available and functional prototypes. The range of possible functions and applications of these devices to make everyday life of people in developing countries a little bit more comfortable is quite extensive. In order to bring all these prototypes to serial production and then into the market, we need the internationally positioned strategic investor with development and manufacturing expertise in electronics. Is that you?