Our electronic doorsign (DoorGuide)

The smartphone for the house – The next big thing?
With a taxi to one’s doorstep or have cool drinks delivered to one’s front door for spontaneous guests. Despite the lack of street and address directories that is now no longer a dream in most African countries but a prototype to experience. Our solution promises German reliability at affordable prices!
Our electronic doorsign (product name DoorGuide) provides people with a combination of verified electricity meter numbers and decimeter precise navigation ‘within the last mile’ not only for the first time a worldwide retrievable and officially verifiable house address, but also a charge free local broadband data network for electronic communication with neighbors, retail traders and multiple neighboring service providers.

Intelligent parcel Box (SmartBox)

Logistics providersfavorite . . .
Impatiently waiting at home for ordered parcels? No more! We elegantly automatize the parcel receipt with our intelligent parcel box (product name SmartBox)!
Our concept for a simplified semiautomatic parcel sorting at local logistics providers is available!
With the combination of the SmartBox and our parcel sorting software, we anticipate the expected explosion of eCommerce in developing countries and maximize the cost efficiency of the entire logistics chain.

Home Controller (DarkOff)

Electromobility‘s twin . . .
Yes, even in developing countries it will soon be called, gone with the loud and sooty diesel, batteries are the new deal!
But watch out! Tens of millions of diesel generators for home use will disappear and clear the way for commercially available affordable gel batteries.
Our home controller (product name DarkOff) makes that possible – intelligently avoiding daily power cuts and enjoying many more exciting features for comfort in the own four walls!
Like used cars from developed countries are for mobility, used car batteries will be a crucial element of the stabilization of the energy supply in developing countries in the near future. We are already today preparing ourselves for this key market of tomorrow!

Electronic security guard (aiGuard)

The electronic security guard is watching . . .
In combination of simple camera, DoorGuide and clever AI our electronic security guard is created. He ensures that the good feeling of security is affordable to the masses at night and no longer remains a privilege of the few with guards outside the door!

Tutoring Kit (OurTutor)

The split tutor . . .
Electronic tutoring despite missing broadband lines and still without tapping the expensive mobile data volume. The private tutor, which is shared by several pupils at the same time and comfortably helps from its living room, is an affordable and one of the most effective ways for pupils from poorer households to keep up in the educational competition.

EFYL Platform

It‘s all about the platform . . .
Round around our hardware products a colorful, everblooming meadow of service apps will emerge!
This will consist of own (the first prototypes are  actually in process) and apps by local third parties.
Together, hardware and apps form an interlocking platform where our customers feel at home and enjoy staying.